Erdman Anthony PCL (Program of Continuous Learning)
Erdman Anthony understands that stronger business results are directly tied to the quality of our "human assets." After all, it is our people who provide the edge to increase customer satisfaction, expand market share, and build corporate value. It is with this in mind that Erdman Anthony provides continuous support for ongoing learning. Our true belief in continuing education is supported by a substantial training budget, which last year exceeded $500,000, above the industry norm per employee.

We designed the Erdman Anthony Program of Continuous Learning (PCL) to encompass training opportunities that build a bridge between strategic business goals, employee learning, and core competencies. But at the heart of the PCL is a desire to provide a program that is responsive to the corporate culture, values, and systems that unify the organization.

Erdman Anthony Program of Continuous Learning

Erdman Anthony employees are encouraged to take ownership of their professional development. Working together with their supervisors during the annual performance review process, training needs are identified to enhance their current position as well as to prepare them for their long-term career goals. Whether this requires additional training in technical or soft skills, continuing education, or more challenging work assignments, Erdman Anthony makes every effort to help prepare employees for advancement opportunities. Activities range from seminars, conferences, workshops, in-house and outside traditional classroom training, continuing education, Web-based training, on-the-job training, and reading materials.

~Erdman Anthony is an Equal Opportunity Employer~