Erdman Anthony in a Snapshot
What We Do...

Erdman Anthony's primary focus is on infrastructure – the network of roads, bridges, buildings, structures, and related systems that allow our society to function, grow, and prosper. We help our clients realize their vision through our commitment to achieving their goals as if they were our own. Our processes provide the framework for sustaining the high quality of service and work that characterize every project.

We believe that employees can best serve our clients and become better engineers, designers, and technicians if they can see firsthand the results of their projects. Whether it's standing atop a bridge, inspecting sewer lines, conducting field reviews of highway systems, or assessing HVAC and plumbing systems, our employees are often right on the job site.

Erdman Anthony in a Snapshot

  • Over 50 years of solidarity
  • Over 300 employees
  • Eight offices along the East Coast
  • 95% repeat business
  • Average age of engineers is 41
  • ISO 9001 certified


~Erdman Anthony is an Equal Opportunity Employer~