Boynton Beach Raw Water Main

Erdman Anthony has completed a technical memorandum concerning the preferred route for the Section B raw water main. We also completed design for the two-mile Section B along Woolbright Road between Military Trail and Congress Avenue.

The raw water main is 36-inch-diameter ductile iron pipe. Erdman Anthony completed the horizontal and vertical geometry for the pipe, assisted with the acquisition of easements, addressed crossings with major drainage culverts, and considered the maintenance-of-traffic impacts. Erdman Anthony assisted with the permitting efforts and with construction inspections and administration.

The City of Boynton Beach had excess capacity to treat raw water at its East Water Treatment Plant, but it did not have the capacity to draw more water from the wells in that location. Conversely, it has the capacity to draw water from the wells near the West Water Treatment Plant. The raw water therefore had to be withdrawn and pre-treated from the well fields near the West Water Treatment Plant and then conveyed to the East Water Treatment Plant. To accommodate this situation, the City wanted to design and construct approximately five miles of raw water main to connect the two plants and convey approximately 16 mgd currently and 20 mgd in the future. The City has hired three engineering firms to complete various portions of the project. 

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Boynton Beach, FL


City of Boynton Beach

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Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
  • Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
  • 561-753-9723 x 6015
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