Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics - Utilities Separation Study

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Erdman Anthony evaluated the feasibility and associated cost of separating the utilities at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics’ 455,000-square-foot manufacturing plant on an industrial campus in Rochester, NY, that had a self-contained utility structure.

The utilities involved in the evaluation were:

  • A 2,220- to 2,400-ton independent chiller plant for building cooling
  • A 1,500 HP independent boiler plant for building heating
  • An independent compressed air plant for process systems
  • Domestic water sourced from the local public water authority
  • Fire-protection water sourced from the local public water authority with a local fire pump
  • An independent nitrogen plant
  • An independent reverse osmosis water plant
  • Natural gas sourced from a local utility company
  • Stormwater and sanitary water systems connected to the local county-operated collection systems
  • An independent industrial waste treatment plant discharging to local county-operated collection systems
  • Dual 34.5kV electric services from a local utility company
  • Emergency generators to provide life safety systems and critical load systems
  • Telecommunication services from a local provider
  • Parking and employee access to the building
  • Removal/relocation of utility piping, telecommunications systems, and a sewer pump station

Erdman Anthony prepared a report summarizing the concepts and options, evaluated the feasibility, completed life-cycle benefit cost analyses for chiller and boiler options, and established a general scope of work required to separate these systems. The report also included rough order of magnitude cost estimates for various options.

The option of a cogeneration plant was investigated, but it was determined that due to the size of the plant and the results of the life-cycle cost benefit analysis, this option would not have provided a positive economic benefit.

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Bruce Wallmann, PE
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