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Erdman Anthony provided intersection improvement services for this project in West Palm Beach, FL, on a task work-order basis under an annual services contract. The contract covered a variety of services, including survey and design services for geometric and capacity improvements involving the widening and the addition of traffic lanes, pedestrian and ADA-related improvements, and drainage improvements.

The contract also included traffic-engineering improvements, in coordination with the county’s traffic engineering division, that involved signalization improvements, signing and pavement-marking improvements, and engineering during construction.

Erdman Anthony provided survey and engineering design services for the project to accommodate future traffic anticipated due to development on the intersection’s east side. Those improvements included widening the west approach of Park Avenue for an additional left-turn lane and taking steps to provide room for a future through lane and a median separator.

Bike lanes/paved shoulders were also added on both sides of the road.

Profile improvement at the west approach and at the intersection required some pavement overbuild. Drainage improvements included relocating several existing drainage structures impacted by the widening, plus the addition of an exfiltration trench to improve water quality.

Signalization improvements included the relocation of one existing mast arm, the adjustment/addition of signal heads, and video detection.

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Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
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