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Spillway Design - South Florida Water Management District

Watch how this fully automated, electrically operated two-gate spillway helps protect wetlands and preserves a fresh water supply.

The South Florida Water Management District selected Erdman Anthony to design and provide engineering during construction for a fully automated, electrically operated two-gate spillway, with a peak capacity of 1,150 cubic feet per second, adjacent to the existing S-333 structure at the intersection of the L-67A and L-29 canals, in Miami-Dade County. The purpose of the new S-333N structure is to provide additional operational flexibility and conveyance of flows to Everglades National Park (ENP).

The new S-333N structure will work in conjunction with the existing S-333 structure to increase hydraulic connectivity between Water Conservation Area-3A (WCA-3A) and ENP. The design flow was established to reach a combined conveyance with the existing S-333 structure (1,350 cubic feet per second) of 2,500 cubic feet per second. The project also included modifications to the L-67A and L-29, Section 3 levees and canals.

The Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP) includes a suite of storage, treatment, conveyance, and seepage management measures that will provide the necessary components to deliver additional fresh water south, from Lake Okeechobee to WCA 3, ENP, and Florida Bay. The S-333N structure is the first component of the CEPP to move forward. Once CEPP is fully implemented, the project will restore more natural quantity, quality, timing, and distribution of water flows to the remaining portions of the River of Grass.

The design process included:

  • Design calculations, plans, specifications, opinions of probable construction costs, construction schedule, value engineering, and the design for the required submittals (preliminary, final, and corrected final/ RTA), in accordance with Everglades Restoration and Capital Projects Engineering Submittal Requirements.
  • Permitting support and coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers for impacts to the federal facilities.
  • Presentations for briefings and meetings with the South Florida Water Management District, Design Review Team, and project stakeholders.
  • Review during the construction phase of documents, progress, and work product.

Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
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