Keep Your Building’s Systems Working as You Intended


Commissioning services from Erdman Anthony’s SustainabiliTEAM™, provide you with a quality-assurance process that can help keep critical systems in your building operating properly—as you intended.

As your dedicated advocate, we can provide you and your team with advantages at every stage of your project.

  • Enhance energy savings and efficiency: Proactive steps used in commissioning, such as overseeing correct equipment installations, using infrared technology, and verifying control settings and operating sequences, can assist in maximizing energy efficiency and increase your building’s net operating income and appraised value.
  • Lower life-cycle costs: Your building can begin its life cycle at optimal productivity and maintain its integrity for years to come, meaning fewer cost impacts in the future, more satisfied occupants—and a healthier bottom line.
  • Improve your operations and maintenance efforts: The feedback and oversight provided by commissioning services can improve accessibility to key information for easier maintenance, troubleshooting, and diagnostics.
  • Improve occupant comfort: Proper regulation of temperature, humidity, and noise and air contaminant levels by commissioning services can minimize the problems and expense that stem from an uncomfortable or unsafe building. A healthy and safe environment also means your occupants can be more productive, with fewer complaints.


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