Oil and Gas

What We Do

Erdman Anthony’s Pennsylvania and New York offices are located in the Marcellus Shale region and have broad-based capabilities to support every stage of your oil and gas venture.

Whether you are permitting, acquiring land, or completing access roads in the upstream phase of a project, physically collecting and moving oil and gas in the midstream phase, or executing oil and gas delivery to end users downstream, our firm has the flexibility to handle your project regardless of its scope or size.

Erdman Anthony has long-term relationships with state and municipal officials and the construction community that help facilitate project development.

Diligence, regulatory compliance, and the latest training have resulted in the highest level of safety for our worksites, employees, clients, and the environment.

Note that our employees are customer-focused and available to work beyond normal business hours to serve clients to the fullest.

Depend on Erdman Anthony to provide multidisciplinary solutions for your next project.