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Construction Inspection Services - Peace Bridge Improvements

This project reconfigured access between the U.S. Peace Bridge and I-190 in Buffalo. A new NB ramp (Ramp D) now provides a direct connection to I-190, including a new structure over the CSX railway tracks. Portions of Ramps C and N were rebuilt to accommodate the new ramp. Porter Avenue Bridge over the CSX tracks and I-190 was reconstructed and includes a roundabout with two realigned ramps. The Riverwalk trail was realigned and includes new bridges over the CSX tracks and I-190.The roadway going through Front Park was eliminated and the park was restored to its original configuration.

This was a multiyear staged construction project. The bid included a time component for completion. The contractor worked all winter and two shifts during the summer of 2015 and 2016 to meet the scheduled completion date and claim the incentive bonus.

Stage 1

  • Temporarily relocated the existing Ramp N while building the lowered tunnel section for the new Ramp N. Closed Ramp C temporarily.
  • Demolished and reconstructed the existing pedestrian trail and bridge over the CSX tracks and I-190
  • Constructed Ramp D over Ramp N
  • Reconnected Ramp C

Stages 2 and 3

  • Shifted traffic and reconstructed Porter Avenue Bridge over I-190 and the CSX tracks – one half at a time
  • Built the Porter Avenue roundabout, including new ramp connections to the Peace Bridge and I-190.

Stage 4

  • Rebuilt Ramp A to the Peace Bridge.
  • Reconstructed the pumping-station access road.
  • Modified the Front Park entrance and paths; removed Baird Drive from Front Park.

Frank Dahar, PE
Frank Dahar, PE
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