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Civil Engineering and Site Design

This project for the Village of Royal Palm Beach in Florida aimed to provide space for residents to store recreational vehicles and prefabricated structures such as mobile homes and boats. The village does not allow these sorts of large vehicles and prefabricated structures to be stored in the driveways, so residents needed a safe, convenient, and affordable solution. Given that the village owned land under a Florida Power & Light (FPL) easement, it wanted to make good use of that vacant and underutilized property.

As part of our continuing contract to provide engineering services to the village, Erdman Anthony provided site planning, traffic engineering, civil engineering, permitting, preparation of plans and specifications, and land surveying. The team included subconsultants for landscape architecture and electrical engineering.

The project involved two concrete parking lots, with spaces 25 or 40 feet long. The project also involved establishing landscape screening around the parking lots.

Our firm added a water service line for residents to use to wash their vehicles in a wash area. That area also includes a sewerage dump station for emptying storage tanks.

Security measures at the site include fencing, card-controlled access gates, lighting, and cameras, all of which our firm incorporated into the design.

Our firm also designed a drainage system to discharge to a dry detention pond that was built on village-owned land under the FPL transmission lines.

Moreover, our firm provided limited construction-phase services to assist the village’s engineering staff with responding to RFIs and reviewing shop drawings.

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