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Site and Facilities Design

South Lake Village was constructed on a unique site between two lakes on the University at Buffalo’s North Campus. The 300,000-square-foot project included 228 apartments, with a total of 552 beds in 16 buildings. The site also included a "village green" area and a 4,500-square-foot community building for university offices and student gatherings.

Erdman Anthony designed mechanical systems for the buildings, including split-system, high-efficiency, and residential furnaces for heating and air conditioning. A ducted system was utilized to distribute heating and cooling to individual rooms within the apartments, and outdoor condenser units were incorporated for cooling.

Plumbing and fire protection systems included domestic hot water, cold water, fire protection, and sanitary plumbing. High-efficiency boilers were utilized in each building to generate hot water, and the apartments were sprinkled to protect against fire.

Site utilities included a water loop, sanitary and storm sewer, natural gas, and electrical systems. Electrical systems included a 13.8-kV site loop supplying step-down transformers for groups of buildings. The buildings were powered with 120/208-volt three-phase services that fed individual power panels in each apartment. Site lighting incorporated decorative high-pressure sodium fixtures to maintain a minimum foot-candle level for security.

Erdman Anthony also designed communication and control systems, including telephone, data, video, fire alarm, and security/intercom. A central control room was located within the community center and was used to supply each building’s CIT room, from which each drop within the building is supplied. In addition, each bedroom had telephone, data, and video available.

The design team for this fast-paced project was selected just 16 months before the required completion date. Our firm’s focused design effort was completed in approximately three months and required constant coordination with the university team and the architect.

The project was completed on time and generated rave reviews from university officials and students.

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