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The City of West Palm Beach needed its Pleasant City Community Center revitalized. The existing community center was constructed in the 1980s and served the community well, but it needed several specific improvements to restore it to acceptable standards and to better serve the surrounding area.

The overall building area is roughly 10,500 square feet and supplemented the original 1926 structure. Improvements to the building included new flooring and wall treatments, kitchen upgrades, office space, reroofing to repair leaks, an improved entry/reception area, new bleachers, a new basketball floor, new windows, and storage space for supplies and trophies.

The design team needed accurate documentation of the building’s floor plan and exterior elevations, so Erdman Anthony proposed the use of laser-scanning technology to capture the building’s interior.

The scanning process followed the United States Institute of Building Documentation Level of Accuracy (LOA) specifications. These were used so that the design team had the data collected properly for inclusion into the design team’s Revit model. Autodesk ReCap files were generated from the scanned data to be used as the basis of the Revit Level of Development (LOD) 200 model.

David Standinger, PLS, PSM
David Standinger, PLS, PSM
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