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Highway Survey

Erdman Anthony has held a stand-alone contract to perform LiDAR services for MaineDOT since 2016.

In June 2017, MaineDOT was looking to develop design plans for six highways throughout the state. The goals were to obtain survey data along these busy roadways and minimize the exposure to field crews by collecting the pavement-surface data with LiDAR.

MaineDOT ordered an engineering/topographic survey utilizing terrestrial mobile LiDAR of the six projects. The projects were a mix of surface roads and interstate highways (e.g., I-95).

Over 7 miles were surveyed. That figure converted to nearly 50 lane miles of scanning.

RTK GPS was utilized to control the nearly 200 LiDAR targets and 30 “blind checks.” Once the point cloud is registered to the control, the “blind check” values are compared to the values attributed to the same points within the point cloud. This provides for secondary quality assurance of the point cloud.

Overall, the project required establishing survey ground control, setting targets, surveying locations of targets and validation points, performing mobile seaming of all sections of roadway, analyzing data results, preparing files for delivery, handling project management, and delivering scan data files.

David Standinger, PLS, PSM
David Standinger, PLS, PSM
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