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Bridge Replacement

Erdman Anthony provided preliminary and final design services, along with construction inspection, for a new three-sided precast-concrete rigid-frame structure in Covington, NY. The structure has a 23-foot clear span perpendicular to the flow, skewed 30 degrees to the roadway.

Replacing a 24-foot single-span concrete T-beam structure on a 40-degree skew, the buried structure our firm designed is supported by an invert slab to meet environmental regulations and minimize future maintenance.

The approach roadway was raised approximately 4 feet at the bridge to provide smoother roadway transitions and improved protection against deterioration. In addition, a standard, more easily maintainable box-beam guide rail was utilized in lieu of bridge railing due to the sufficient embankment depth for accepting posts.

Coordination with aerial utility companies allowed for the temporary relocation of facilities to allow overhead crane work to place the precast-concrete components. Easements and acquisitions along the project were acquired through a donation process to minimize the right-of-way process duration and costs. Prudent communication with environmental-permitting agencies enabled obtainment of permits within three months.

The design services were completed in 13 months, and the precast-concrete components facilitated expedited construction within 68 days to minimize impacts to the surrounding rural farming community.

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Christopher Sichak, PE
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