Engineering Project Case Studies | Erdman Anthony

Bridge Replacement and Roadway Realignment

Erdman Anthony was the prime consultant on the SR 0222-027 project. Services included construction administration and documentation of construction operations.

The project consisted of demolishing the existing SR 0222-027 – Lititz Pike Bridge over an Amtrak railway and constructing a new 175-foot single-span bridge. Each of the six steel beams for the new bridge is 178 feet in length and 6 feet high, and each weighs approximately 45 tons.

The project realigned and reconfigured several roadways and intersections – and modified traffic signals, drainage, and signage. Bridge approach roadways were constructed on earthen embankments using mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls.

One notable challenge included maintaining the daily Amtrak passenger train schedule during demolition and construction phases.

The project was further challenged by the need to coordinate the construction of new utility services, both subsurface and overhead, and to maintain existing utility services at the same time. As one of Pennsylvania’s older cities, Lancaster had many subsurface utility-location surprises, challenging both the design and contracting teams. The quantity of utility conduits in the right-of-way (gas, water, sewer, and communications) added to the construction challenges.

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