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Site and Infrastructure Design

The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) is a National Historical Site in Hyde Park, NY, that is managed by the National Park Service (NPS). The site also includes the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum and the Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Education Center.

The FDR site on Route 9 is connected to nearby Val-Kill on Route 9G, via the Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail, through the woods. Farm Lane is a popular trail for pedestrians and bicyclists, and NPS operates a tram on the trail from the FDR to Val-Kill.

The FDR park entrance and spur trail project included roadway access improvements to improve crossing safety at the FDR entrance on Route 9 and the Farm Lane access at Val-Kill on Route 9G, as well as a new parking area off Route 9 and a new spur trail connecting the new parking area to the Farm Lane Trail. The improved FDR entrance on Route 9 features a new signalized intersection with traffic actuation and pedestrian signals.

Erdman Anthony completed traffic analysis and conceptual design of several alternative layouts for the Route 9 and Route 9G entrance intersections and discussed the alternative layouts with NPS, New York State Department of Transportation, and other stakeholders to assist with selection.

Following establishment of funding, Erdman Anthony provided detailed civil design drawings and technical specifications for the Route 9 signalized intersection, roadway entrance modifications on Route 9 and 9G, the new spur trail, a new parking lot with bus drop-off and pedestrian shelter, and required stormwater management facilities.

Erdman Anthony also provided detailed structural design for stream-crossing and wetland-crossing boardwalks on the spur trail, a pedestrian shelter at the new parking area, and detailed electrical design for electrical service modifications at the site and at the new signalized intersection. All designs addressed horizontal and vertical layout and accessibility considerations.

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