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Utility and Roadway Improvements

The Grandview Heights neighborhood in West Palm beach, Florida was platted in 1913 and developed in the early part of the 20th century. The city desired to replace the water mains on three of the streets in the neighborhood. The existing asbestos-cement water mains were grout-filled and abandoned in place. New water service lines were installed to the existing meters in the sidewalks. Erdman Anthony completed plans and specifications, and obtained permits from the Palm Beach County Health Department.

The existing pavement was overlaid several times, and the project included a full depth reconstruction of the roadways. The city also replaced the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks, which were cracking. 

Our design included a detailed review of the grading of the roadways, the back of sidewalks, and the driveways to confirm that no drainage issues would result after construction. Most of the streets in this neighborhood include on-street parking, which is a highly desirable element for the residents.

As a result of comments at one of the public outreach meetings, it was concluded that the streets were to be put on a “road diet” to reduce the roadways' overall width while still accommodating the on-street parking.

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