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Construction Management Services

Erdman Anthony is providing construction management services to South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) Engineering  and Construction Bureau at Stormwater Treatment Area 1 West (STA-1W), a 6,670-acre constructed wetland. The two critical projects underway at  STA-1W are the $76 million construction of the G-780 and G-781 pump stations and the $37 million construction of the G-782 pump station. Canals, levees, parking areas, access roadways, culverts, boat ramps, maintenance ramps, Florida Power and Light distribution and fiber-optic duct banks, and underground fiber-optic link are part of the projects’ scope.

The current work at STA-1W is the site’s second expansion, and it involves approximately 1,900 acres of newly built stormwater treatment area (STA). The project goals include improving the site’s Eastern Flow Path and continuing to reduce the amount of phosphorous that enters the Everglades’ ecosystem. When completed, the pump stations will flow water to the new STA and through it, and ultimately will discharge the cleaned water to the adjacent water conservation area, which is an Outstanding Florida Water Body. 

STA-1W’s improved habitat has already prompted many native animal species to return to the site. From the viewing platform overlooking the wetland or from the 3-mile levee trail, visitors can spot great blue herons, mottled ducks, black-bellied whistling ducks, roseate spoonbills, white pelicans, and wood storks.

Erdman Anthony is undertaking the following responsibilities for both projects :  

•    Acting as the on-site owner representative and project manager 
•    Coordinating project deliverables and technical reviews
•    Maintaining project files
•    Providing design assistance
•    Coordinating and directing the engineer of record (EOR), the contractor, and construction management services (CMS)
•    Organizing project meetings
•    Managing project status and reporting
•    Overseeing the construction manager’s review of contractor payment applications, quality-control material testing, commissioning, and record drawings
•    Monitoring the project schedule 
•    Coordinating with SFWMD specialty groups such as SCADA, IT, and O&M to incorporate their requirements
•    Monitoring project finances and obtaining additional funding as required 
•    Maintaining EOR and CMS  contracts, including authorizing paying invoices and adding services as needed
•    Coordinating with regulatory agencies and utilities

Sustainable Design Impact

The expansion of this constructed wetland will reduce the amount of phosphorous that reaches the Everglades’ ecosystem, encourage native fauna to take up residence, and make the site even more appealing to outdoor enthusiasts.

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