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Erdman Anthony provided commissioning and energy modeling services for Geneva General Hospital’s new emergency department and the West Building's expansion.

The entire expansion entailed approximately 95,000 square feet of new construction for the new emergency department, operating rooms, procedure rooms, substerile rooms, private recovery rooms, a central sterile area, and patient-care, diagnostic, and laboratory-support bays. A new central plant was also constructed with boilers, chillers, cooling towers, domestic hot water, and pumping distribution systems. The project was constructed in two phases. 

Commissioned systems consisted of:

  • The supporting mechanical HVAC systems (air-handling units, energy recovery, boilers, chillers, exhaust fans, ductwork distribution and room-pressure controls systems, and pumping distribution systems)
  • Domestic hot water system DC controls 
  • Lighting controls

Commissioning services included:

  • General site observation of the constructed systems to verify compliance with the design's intent
  • Witnessing of select testing during construction and witnessing of manufacturer startups 
  • Sampling verification of the testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) results 
  • Review of and comment on the entire TAB report
  • Development and orchestration of functional performance tests and trending analysis
  • Issuance and tracking of noncompliant issues throughout construction and acceptance testing
  • Review of the owner’s training and O&M documentation
  • Verification of NYSERDA measures 
  • Completion of the NYSERDA building commissioning certification 
  • Providing a summary commissioning report with supporting appendices

The requested commissioning services followed the 2010 Facility Guidelines Institute’s (FGI) Guidelines as published by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), which have been adopted by the New York State Department of Health for health care facilities. The commissioning services were also focused on the verification of NYSERDA incentive measures.

Michael St. John, PE, CEM, LEED AP
Michael St. John, PE, CEM, LEED AP
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