Engineering Project Case Studies | Erdman Anthony

Design and Surveying

Erdman Anthony provided surveying and design services for the resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation of a section of SR 811 (Alternate A1A), from SR 850 (Northlake Boulevard) to RCA Boulevard, and for a section of SR 850, from U.S. 1 to SR 811. The total length of the work was 3.5 miles.

Our firm prepared plans to implement traffic improvements that included extending the existing left-turn lane to increase storage length. Signalization improvements included upgrading the existing span wire assembly at the SR 811/SR 850 intersection to mast arms.

Further design services included ADA improvements and pedestrian features such as additional crosswalks. Our firm also updated all signing and pavement markings to comply with the current MUTCD requirements.

Erdman Anthony coordinated with the Village of North Palm Beach on extensive landscape improvements along the corridor, including replacing all plain concrete traffic separators with patterned/textured ones.

Our firm also prepared the QA/QC plan, exception and variation packages, typical sections, the pavement design, the signal-replacement evaluation matrix, the 3R report, the drainage report, and the community awareness plan (CAP).

The team also recommended remedial measures to fix drainage problems.

Safety improvements for the project included replacing existing guardrails with thrie-beam type guardrails and vertical face retrofitting at the existing median barriers at bridges.

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Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
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