Engineering Project Case Studies | Erdman Anthony

As part of an ongoing master services agreement, Erdman Anthony provides National Fuel Gas (NFG) with existing gas-line locating services as requested for construction bidding and design-improvement projects. Additionally, NFG requests that Erdman Anthony provide professional surveying services to determine locations of gas lines, with respect to boundary and easement lines.

Erdman Anthony’s geospatial group performed the survey tasks necessary to assist NFG with the following projects:

  • Stakeout of gas lines and highway rights-of-way for residential areas in Buffalo, NY
  • Topographic survey mapping for a design-improvement project in North Tonawanda, NY
  • Location of gas-line assets, as related to boundary/lease lines, in Hornell, NY

David Standinger, PLS, PSM
David Standinger, PLS, PSM
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