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Cedar Street is a one-mile-long urban collector in Batavia, NY, that links two arterial state highways: NY 5 (East Main Street) and NY 63 (Ellicott Street). The area has parks and residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Erdman Anthony designed a new continuous sidewalk system on Cedar Street that connected East Main Street to Ellicott Street. It also extended sidewalks west, along Edwards Street, to provide safe and continuous accommodation for pedestrians between two parks.

High-visibility crosswalks also were added at the Cedar Street/Edwards Street intersection, the “gateway” between the two parks along the project corridor. This established pedestrian connectivity between the two parks.

Erdman Anthony and the project team improved the vertical clearance under the DL&W Railroad bridge on Cedar Street by raising the bridge and the track approaches instead of using the conventional method of excavating and lowering the road beneath. This eliminated potential impacts and temporary shutdowns to two city-owned water mains, a distribution main, and a raw water intake line. This design also improved truck access and routing efficiency to industrial-zoned properties within the project corridor.

The team also addressed the aged/deteriorated pavement by designing and specifying full-depth reconstruction for a minimum 50-year service life. For a consistent look, the pavement width/curb lines were tied into the existing conditions in front of the residential properties.

As part of this project, Erdman Anthony designed a stormwater treatment structure to improve the quality of stormwater being discharged into one of the parks. In addition, a bioretention area was constructed to improve water quality of a key drainage watershed that flowed to an existing stormwater pump station whose discharge flows through a wetland.

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