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Renovation and Expansion

Garber Automotive purchased an existing dealership in Rochester, NY, and needed to renovate it to meet present Acura standards where possible. The sales, customer service, and office areas were generally left intact and only partially renovated with new lighting and ceilings and updated finishes. An addition was constructed to improve the customer service area, and renovations to a service area were completed to provide more storage and car washing and preparation areas.

Erdman Anthony provided the design for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the building. Existing utility services were sufficiently sized to support the renovation. New sanitary and storm laterals were extended from the building as needed. The following systems were affected:

  • Mechanical: Existing roof top gas fired, and DX units were reused, with minor ductwork adjusts completed to address changes in the floor plan.
  • Plumbing: Modified compressed-air distribution and plumbing services were provided as required to support the architectural changes.
  • Electric: New lighting was provided in all areas utilizing Acura standard luminaires.
  • Fire alarm: A new central fire alarm system for the entire building was provided.

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Bruce Wallmann, PE
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