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AWS 3G Project - Wireless Tower Site Design

Bechtel Telecommunication contracted with Erdman Anthony to develop and design nearly 100 wireless telecommunication tower sites to serve wireless providers in western New York. Site types included raw lands, co-locations on existing self-supported lattice towers and monopoles, and building rooftops. AT&T infrastructure typically included 10-foot by 20-foot equipment shelters or slabs-on-grade to house radio equipment.

Other site improvements and amenities included chain-link fenced yards, cable trays, utility racks, and emergency generators.

For each site, standard professional services provided by Erdman Anthony included site walks and site evaluations, tower siting, preparation of zoning drawings, construction drawings, photo simulations, and SEQR documentation.

In addition to the above, topographic, planimetric, and property surveys were provided to support land-acquisition activities.

Erdman Anthony also prepared Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 1A or 2C certification letters as required, certifying the position and elevation of these sites. During construction, our firm also provided construction stakeout services.

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