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Telecommunications System Expansion - Microcell Site Design

A national cellular telecommunications provider partnered with Erdman Anthony to develop and design more than 300 wireless telecommunication microcell sites in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. Site types included existing/replacement utility poles, new mid-span/stub utility pole sets, and building rooftops. The equipment typically included antennae, with supporting telecommunications/electrical equipment mounted on the poles or within equipment areas. Utility pole sites required amenities such as conduit risers and weatherheads, while rooftop sites required site improvements and amenities such as fenced concrete equipment pads, cable trays, utility racks, and antenna concealment solutions.

For each site, standard professional services provided by Erdman Anthony included site walks and site evaluations, preparation of lease exhibits, construction drawings, photo simulations, viewshed analyses, structural analyses, special inspections, and SEQR documentation. Erdman Anthony also prepared structural letters as required, certifying the capacity of prospective utility poles or rooftops to carry the provider's equipment.


Martin Willix, PE
Martin Willix, PE
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