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Bridge Replacement

Erdman Anthony provided scoping and design services for this $2 million Locally Administered Federal Aid (LAFA) Bridge Replacement Project. Design services included scoping, preparation of a design report, environmental assessment, Federal Environmental Approval Worksheet (FEAW), public participation, and preliminary and final design.

The existing two-span 120-foot bridge was replaced with a steel multigirder bridge with integral abutments. The new bridge is a 150-foot single span multigirder bridge. The girders are on a tangent alignment, and the composite concrete deck at each end of the bridge curves to accommodate the roadway geometry. The 5-foot-deep girders necessitated larger substructures with long independent wingwalls. The integral abutments and wingwalls were founded on driven steel H-piles.

The feasible alternative provided for the realignment of Allen Padgham Road with a broken back 533-foot horizontal curve. This alternative improves the existing nonstandard horizontal curve and headlight sight distance along the roadway. Pavement widths consist of 11-foot travel lanes and 6-foot shoulders in both directions for the roadway and bridge approaches.

Extensive clearing and grubbing were performed to facilitate the shifted roadway alignment. In addition, the Pannell Road approach was realigned to reduce the existing skew at the intersection and discourage vehicles from rushing the right turn onto Allen Padgham Road.

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Christopher Sichak, PE
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