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Feasibility Study and Site Design

A German-based grocer spent two years searching South Florida for a site for its 800,000-square-foot warehouse, distribution center, and corporate office. The discount grocer selected Erdman Anthony to prepare a feasibility study for the 73-acre site in Royal Palm Beach that the company ultimately chose for the project.

The owner then retained Erdman Anthony to design the site, now known as Aldi Park. The assignment included designing, permitting, and inspecting the following:

  • Left- and right-turn lanes on State Road 7
  • A master sewer lift station
  • A force main (3,400 feet)
  • A water main (5,000 feet)
  • A master surface water management system
  • A roadway entrance and pavement design
  • Earthwork to balance the site

The utility design was closely coordinated with the Palm Beach County Utility Department and the Palm Beach County Health Department. The effort included abandoning two public water supply wells that were no longer in use and installing a sewer force main at that location.

The stormwater management plan Erdman Anthony designed resulted in the large roof area’s runoff draining directly into the stormwater management lake rather than commingling with the parking lot, which allowed for greatly reducing the dry pretreatment area needed.

Erdman Anthony’s water main design helped achieve the needed fire flow for the large building by securing a route for an off-site water main needed to loop the system and meet pressure demands.

Erdman Anthony’s sanitary sewer design included a master lift station and an off-site force main to connect to the public sewer system. The sewer system serves the entire industrial park, which now includes future commercial and industrial developments and the flagship grocery store on SR 7 in Royal Palm Beach.

Our roadway design also met the traffic circulation needed by the delivery trucks by providing a left-turn lane into the site and a route through the adjacent commercial center to a traffic signal.

Erdman Anthony completed the project on time so that operations and deliveries could begin on schedule. Our diligence contributed to a project that had few RFIs, change orders, or issues during construction.

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