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Construction Management Services

Located at the northeastern edge of Lake Okeechobee, the pump station includes 450 cfs submersible electrical pumps, trash rakes, and emergency generators. The S-191A Pump Station serves a dual purpose, providing for flood control in the L-47 basin and providing SFWMD the ability to control the amount of water being treated in the Lakeside Ranch Stormwater Treatment Area (STA). 

Located in western Martin County, the Lakeside Ranch STA plays a crucial role in the restoration of the Lake Okeechobee watershed by improving the quality of water flowing into the lake from one of the biggest sources of incoming phosphorus. The wetlands will treat stormwater runoff from the Taylor Creek and Nubbin Slough basins to the north before that runoff enters Lake Okeechobee.

SFWMD selected Erdman Anthony to serve as construction managers for the $31.5M pump station. Our role included full-time inspection and construction management services to observe and document the construction efforts, processing of submittals and RFIs, monitoring test results, conducting biweekly progress meetings, reviewing pay applications, monitoring the construction schedule, and coordinating with the contractor and design team. 

Sustainable Design Impact

This pump station provides flood control, manages the amount of stormwater to be treated, and helps reduce the amount of phosphorous that reaches the Everglades’ ecosystem.

Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
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