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K-12 Building Commissioning

The Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board selected Erdman Anthony to provide commissioning services for 12 of the 13 schools in Phase 2 of the Rochester City School District’s modernization program.

Previously, Erdman Anthony conducted commissioning on four of the 12 Phase 1 schools. Though multiple consultants are typically used for projects, our performance in Phase 1 led the selection team to pick Erdman Anthony for commissioning on all Phase 2 projects. We have enlisted the services of four subconsultants representing Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE), Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), and Small-Business Enterprises (SBE), and also continue to meet the workforce-diversity goals the modernization program requires.

The renovations at the 12 schools began in 2017 and continue into 2021, with approximately four projects moving concurrently.

Along with the project assignments, Erdman Anthony was awarded an allowance for participation in the Business Opportunities Program (BOP), which seeks to promote and grow minority- and women-owned businesses, small businesses, and disadvantaged businesses. We have been providing mentorship and training through the program.

The design phase commissioning activities began in 2016. Our commissioning services have verified and documented that the owner’s requirements, embodied in the contract documents have been met, and our firm is documenting and tracking remediation of all noncompliant deficiencies through the installation, testing, and owner turnover phases.

Michael St. John, PE, CEM, LEED AP
Michael St. John, PE, CEM, LEED AP
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