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Complete Streets Project

Improving the City of West Palm Beach’s Spruce Avenue

When the City of West Palm Beach was looking to make significant improvements on Spruce Avenue, from 25th Street to 40th Street (0.9 miles), it selected Erdman Anthony to improve the corridor aesthetics, rehabilitate the asphalt pavement, and implement a new kind of road-sharing safety concept within the Old Northwood and Northboro Park residential historic districts.

Erdman Anthony’s engineering designs for Spruce Avenue included improving stormwater-drainage flow, replacing damaged sidewalks, and adding signs, pavement markings, and ADA-compliant curb ramps.

Other improvements involved the redesign of traffic-calming elements such as roundabouts at intersections and speed humps to reduce speeding and support new advisory bicycle lanes.

Landscaping was another important element in the design. The use of native trees and plants enhanced the aesthetics and gave the community a sense of place.

The construction of Phase I on this project, from 25th Street to 36th Street, is completed. Phase II, from 36th Street to 40th Street, is expected to begin in 2021.

Roundabouts help solve a multitude of issues, including vehicle collisions and congestion. Learn more about how our firm knows the ins and outs of roundabouts.

Sustainable Design Impact

New bike lanes help encourage cycling while reducing the need for emission-producing vehicles along short commutes.

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