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The New York State Department of Transportation selected Cold Spring Construction Co., along with Erdman Anthony as lead design engineer, for the third and fourth stages of the I-390 interchange improvements at I-490 design-build project in Gates, New York. The project includes four new bridges, new embankment for a new I-390 express southbound alignment, rehabilitation of the existing I-390 southbound pavement, rehabilitation of the I-490 pavement within the interchange, enhanced expressway lighting, traffic signal design, new noise walls, and reconstruction of a portion of Lyell Avenue.

Three of the new bridges will carry the new I-390 southbound over I-490 and associated ramps. The I-390 southbound bridge over I-490 eastbound, Ramp ES, and Ramp NE is a 525-foot-long, three-span structure. The superstructure is a concrete deck on curved, continuous steel multigirders. The two I-390 southbound bridges over I-490 westbound, Ramp SW, and Ramp WN are both 400-foot-long continuous two-span steel multigirder structures. All of the bridges have jointless configurations to minimize future deterioration of other bridge elements, such as bearings and substructures.

Substructures that support the three-span bridge consist of fully integral abutments surrounded by cast-in-place reinforced concrete surround walls and piers. Cast-in-place reinforced concrete abutments and piers support the twin two-span bridges. Abutments and piers that support the superstructures are either founded on steel H-piles or spread on bedrock.

Independent wingwalls and surround walls have foundations that are spread on earth, except for the substructures between the consecutive two-span bridges. Those substructures consist of abutments and 50-foot-long by 50-foot-tall U-type walls that all have a common footing supported on steel H-piles. Backfill inside the boxlike structure consists of controlled low-strength material to minimize lateral earth pressure and clean stone fill for constructability purposes.

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Christopher Sichak, PE
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