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Culvert Replacements

As part of the BridgeNY program, Erdman Anthony provided NYSDOT-conforming designs for the replacement of two locally owned culverts. The Industrial Park Boulevard corrugated metal pipe arch had experienced a failure, and the Wyncoop Creek Road (CR 3) structure was deteriorating significantly. Both designs provided highly sustainable four-sided precast-concrete box culverts to replace the existing structures. A 10-foot-span by 9-foot-rise culvert was constructed at Industrial Park Boulevard and a 15-foot-span by 6.5-foot-rise culvert was constructed at Wyncoop Creek Road.

The new culvert geometry allowed for new wider roadway sections to be conveyed, in accordance with highway design criteria. In addition, the waterway openings were hydraulically designed to convey flows and were embedded with native streambed material to accommodate organism migration, in accordance with environmental regulations. Traffic was maintained via off-site detours during construction. Our team provided comprehensive design services, including preparation of the design report, geometry layout, hydraulic analysis, approach roadway design, and environmental screening and permitting.

Christopher Sichak, PE
Christopher Sichak, PE
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