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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Refrigeration Design

The Fresh Market’s flagship store in Greensboro, North Carolina, underwent remodeling in 2020 to make way for a wine department, a Market Square island offering house-made barbeque and other foods, a commercial kitchen to support the island, and a high-tech coffee station. 

Erdman Anthony handled the plans for the store’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration (MEPR) systems, including designs for the Market Square, commercial kitchen, the scullery department, a sealed-combustion gas water heater, and several water filtration systems.

Changes to the mechanical systems included grease exhaust fans and make-up air units for the commercial kitchen’s hoods, as well as a 100% dedicated outside air unit to provide intake air for store ventilation, pressurization, and humidity control.

Changes to the refrigeration systems included providing a supplemental rack piping header fed from the store’s existing compressor rack that services the new refrigerated display cases around Market Square.

The MEPR systems our firm designed support the Market Square, a new concept at the heart of the flagship store, offering house-made barbeque, salads, sushi, and pizza and the commercial kitchen and equipment used to support the Square.  Our firm also provided the infrastructure for updated lighting and decor throughout the store. The renovations that were done aimed to provide customers with an elevated experience that makes The Fresh Market unique!

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