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Construction Management Services

Vertical lift gates at the S-40, S-41, and S-44 structures were replaced, and concrete repairs and refurbishments were completed, during this project for the South Florida Water Management District. Other improvements included the replacement of components to enhance the new gate’s performance, new control buildings with a generator room, replacement of the railing throughout the S-40 and S-41 spillways, and other steel and concrete repairs required at the three sites. The three structures are located along the C-15, C-16, and C-17 canals.

 The new stainless-steel gates and structure upgrades have alleviated SFWMD’s operations and maintenance staff’s backlog of maintenance items and have resulted in gates that require less maintenance, exhibit a greater resistance to corrosion, and provide a reduced life-cycle cost.
SFWMD selected Erdman Anthony to serve as construction manager for the project. Our role included inspection services at all three sites and construction management services to observe and document construction efforts, coordinate testing, and conduct meetings.

Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
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