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Bridge Rehabilitation

This Locally Administered Federal Aid (LAFA) project, located on the border of the towns of Jackson and Salem over the Batten Kill in New York, included the replacement of an existing three-span open grate-deck steel multigirder bridge superstructure. The bridge which services the nearby community of Shushan, NY, has a new superstructure consisting of a reinforced-concrete deck slab supported by metalized steel girders.

Existing substructures were retained, retrofitted, and rehabilitated, with minor modifications to accommodate the new configuration. Abutments were converted to semi-integral to remove joints and provide a more resilient bridge. Pier caps were removed to improve conditions and accommodate new superstructure framing. A town selected color was used to stain existing substructure concrete to improve the bridge’s aesthetics. A Texas aesthetic concrete barrier and lighting were also used to enhance the overall look.

Erdman Anthony provided a full range of preliminary and final design services. Coordination with adjacent landowners, the covered bridge association, utility companies, and environmental agencies helped the project advance at a desirable pace.

Christopher Sichak, PE
Christopher Sichak, PE
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