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Laser Scanning

This project documented existing maintained conditions within the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District (LGWCD) of certain canals and roads for the future need to transfer roadway maintenance to the Town of Loxahatchee Groves and to establish trail easements along the canals.

Erdman Anthony prepared specific purpose surveys of maintained areas of canals and roads along portions of A Road, B Road, C Road, D Road, E Road, F Road, Folsom Road, West G Road, East G Road, 25th Street North, Collecting Canal Road, and North Road.

Our approach to producing the maintenance maps was to use RTK GPS surveying methods and equipment to field locate the nonroadside top of the canal bank and the corresponding maintenance line for the full length of each canal to be surveyed. The roadside edge of the road maintenance line was surveyed using the same methods. The maintenance lines were demarked in the field by LGWCD’s operations manager prior to the survey mobilization.

Horizontal data was collected on the Florida State Plane Coordinate System, with an accuracy of +/-0.2’. Topographic features, such as trees, fences (unless they defined the maintenance line), edge of water, roadways, utilities, and drainage pipes, were not surveyed, but these features were portrayed upon Palm Beach County’s publicly available aerial imagery.

The data was compiled and shown in plan-sheet format to produce signed and sealed 24” x 36” plots of the specific purpose surveys. The maintenance line and the top of the canal bank spot shots were annotated as station and offset from the centerline of the canal right-of-way.

The project covered over 29 miles of canals and over 18 miles of roads, resulting in over 225 plan sheets that were signed, sealed, and recorded in the county offices.

David Standinger, PLS, PSM
David Standinger, PLS, PSM
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