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Street Design and Survey

This Locally Administered Federal Aid (LAFA) project involved reconstructing of 0.90 miles of East Main Street in Rochester, New York. Erdman Anthony took a Complete Streets approach to the design by narrowing the existing curb-to-curb pavement width from 50 feet to 33 feet to provide a multimodal transportation corridor that now accommodates vehicles, bicycles, and parking. 

Context-sensitive design solutions addressed deteriorated pavement and safety deficiencies, improved traffic flow, and improved mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition to new full-depth pavement, the project included new curbing, sidewalks, street lighting, landscaping, hardscaping, and water mains, as well as drainage improvements.

The project’s signature feature was the addition of a 5-foot-wide sidewalk-level one-way cycle track to provide a protected bicycle facility along each side of the corridor. 

Substantial public participation was involved to gain community support for the project and the proposed cycling-related improvements. The project also involved significant utility coordination to relocate private utilities (electric and telephone duct bank) due to the narrowing of the pavement section.

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William McCormick, PE
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