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Construction Plans, Specifications, and Post-Design Services

Erdman Anthony provided design services for this 1.54-mile-long resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation project involving a six-lane divided principal arterial in Broward County.

Existing 3-foot bike paths on both sides of the road were replaced with 4-foot bike lanes. To make room for the bike lanes lane-widths for the middle and median-side travel lanes were reduced from 11 feet to 10.5 feet. Sidewalk and curb ramps were replaced and improved to meet ADA standards at intersecting side streets. The existing curb inlet at NE 45th Street was moved and replaced to make room for the revised curb return to enhance safety at the intersection.

To address existing low vertical clearance issues at the NE 38th Street signalized intersection the span wire assembly was re-installed after revising the connection details with the concrete poles supporting the signal.

Other signalization improvements included upgrading existing pedestrian signals to countdown-type signals and installing missing pedestrian signals. Signs and pavement marking within the project’s limits were upgraded to FDOT’s current standards.

Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
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