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Sanitary Sewer Design

Allegany State Park’s Red House Area: Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation

The Red House Area of Allegany State Park has an existing sanitary sewer system consisting of a gravity sewer collection system of 6-inch (~9,700 feet) and 8-inch (~17,300 feet) pipe, as well as seven lift stations and associated force mains. The system dates to the early 1970s and had been identified as having potential issues with inflow and infiltration (I&I). Therefore, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP) desired to rehabilitate the system.  

NYSOPRHP retained Erdman Anthony under a term agreement to investigate the existing system and then design a rehabilitation.

The first task was data collection. Our firm reviewed the existing system plans provided by NYSOPRHP and completed a detailed site inspection to review the entirety of the existing system. The site inspection included a review of each of the 125+ manholes in the system. Every manhole cover was removed, and the manholes’ interiors were inspected and photographed. Any damage that existed was documented for future evaluation. Our firm then reviewed the existing mapping and GIS coordinates provided by NYSOPRHP. This data was combined with existing aerial imagery to create the mapping that was utilized as a base map for the design.  

Our firm then retained a subcontractor to complete a televising of the entire existing system. We then performed a thorough review of the televising videos. The review was used to locate any segments of pipe where repairs, other than lining, would be required to improve the integrity of the line. Similarly, the results of the field investigation were used to determine any work necessary for the system’s manholes and lift stations.

Our firm then issued a report describing initial findings, including recommended solutions and an engineer’s estimate. Following this submission, we created final plans and technical specifications that called for the lining of the entire system, as well as manhole and lift station rehabilitation. These were provided to NYSOPRHP for insertion into bid documents.

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